How to get your customers attention 

Focussing on search engines
increases your chance of being found 


With Google Advertising, you are sure to
be found on the search engines.

Promote your business on
social media by using ads or posts. 

First part of the customer journey

… is to be found by your customers. It is basically about your potential customers’ knowledge of your business. If they don’t know that your business exists then they won’t buy anything from you. It is as simple as that.

We at Online Advisor can help you be found in the digital world. We are doing this in two ways; 1) by improving your presence on the search engines through SEO and Google Ads, and 2) through advertising on social media. 

It is about seeing your target audience at eye level. In addition to the technical elements you have to make sure that your customers get what they expect when they for example clicks on an ad on Google or Instagram. If this succeeds you will optimize your chances of increasing your sales. All of this is what we at Online Advisor can help you with.

Together we will create the right strategy there across relevant platforms and tools will create the best results for you and your business. We emphasize a strategy which reflects your business, products or services, your target audiences and the platform. We will help you be found.

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