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Dot the customers, that has already shorn interest, on the shoulder

Dot your customers on the shoulder – in the good way

You have perhaps tried googling “shoes for kids” and afterwards you got ads from different kids shoe brands no matter where on the internet you were. Or perhaps you have some products in i digital basket on a website and afterwards gotten mails saying “Oops du forgot something”. Well if you have then you already have an idea of how remarketing works. 

As the name implies it is a tool to dot your customers, that has already shown an interest for your business, on the shoulder. There are several opportunities with both e-mail automation and Google Ads. You can send your customers an e-mail when they have clicked on a specific page on your website or you can through ads meet them on different platforms where they browse, to create attention about related products or services to their newest purchase from your business. 

Simultaneously you can use the tool to make you noticed by your customers who show an interest in your business, but perhaps do not know your business. It is called retargeting. Here you put the target on those that for example has been on a competitors website or has googled a specific word that relates to you. Let us help you with the technical tools so your business gets a stronger knowledge inside the important target audiences. We will make sure that you can dot them on the shoulder in the good way, so they won’t feel bothered.


Campaign strategy

Despite that any work through actions can generate leads, a long-term plan with the use of several medias will give a much better result. Therefore we always start with preparing a gathered campaign plan based on the resources and budget available.


It can be anything from a wheel of fortune to a christmas calendar or a classic scratch card where the purpose is to generate more leads by giving out prices. Gamification is a good tool to generate leads, but there is a difference in leads from the different channels. Therefore leads must be treated differently to optimize the conversions.


A pop-up is the easiest lead generating tool. Typically we will offer your visitors a whitepaper, a free basic investigation or similar, where they can leave their contact info. A pop-up should not however stand alone, the tool is simply too simple. 


Dialogue through chats builds a greater trust. Therefore people are more willing to share information through dialogues. Between 45-78% of the visitors interested in buying visits a website outside office hours. By having a live chat which is online 24/7 a business can adjust to the shopping habits potential customers may have.


Our recommendation is to have the whole business involved in your digital sales strategy in 2 steps. First we will help you define your digital sales strategy including which areas of action we must focus on and execute. When the results start to show the next step is to integrate your sales strategy in your marketing strategy.


The visual impression on your website, there simply and obviously brings the message you wish to share to your chosen segment, is in it’s own a lead generation tool. The website’s construction should at the same time be simple, understandable, intuitive and have the same build in logics on every page.

Cookie solution for your website

Comply GDPR and the Cookie law on your website. The consent pop-up collects your users consent and saves them in a secured database. With privacy settings the users can easily choose and deselect cookies. Your website is being scanned based on a chosen frequency and automatically updates your cookie policy so the website’s visitors are being informed about which cookies your website uses and for what purposes.


By segmentation of you (potential) customers we take the customer journey and the digital touchpoints as a starting point. From here we will try to control where or when we should target them. Each segment needs different CTA’s, content, sales channels etc. Therefore we recommend to start simple with only one segment.

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