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Google Ads – formerly known as Google Adwords – can make all the difference when it comes to creating awareness and results for your business on Google and its large network. Google Ads gives you the opportunity to advertise your products and services online through Google’s search engines as well as Google’s affiliates. Ads consist of four main forms of advertising; Google Search, Google Display, Google Shopping and Google Video. These formats allow you to advertise, across channels. If you run an online webshop, it is recommended to make use of Google Display & Google Shopping, which visually shows your products on the search engines and creates a transparency for your products. If you sell service and have a message you would like to convey, it is recommended to use Google Search & Google Video, which shows your services via text ads or through video advertisements. Ads can be used across their forms, making Google Ads unique and special just for you.




On the Google search network, you will be found through the customer’s search terms. It is therefore important to choose your keywords carefully and here we help you to strategically select and plan your ads. Then you are assured that you get to focus on the best and most relevant keywords that your customers are looking for, so you get a good ranking on google and results that make a difference without your keywords bidding against each other. Ads on the Google Search Network work by pay-per-click (PPC), which means you only pay when someone clicks on your ad.



When you go out with your ads to the right audience, you can take advantage of advertising on the Google display network. Here you can reach exactly the customers you want when they visit their favorite websites or watch a video on YouTube. On the Google Display Network, it is possible to retrieve data about which audiences are most likely to click on your ads and thus get as effective marketing as possible. Display ads are also a cost-effective way to brand your business.



Google’s Video Ads are a great tool for raising awareness of your product, service, or message. You capture your audience by being the first thing they see when they open a youtube video. The ads can range from having to show only 15 seconds to 1 minute. Likewise, you can decide for yourself whether they should have the option to skip the video or watch it completely finished. This is a unique opportunity for the user to remember you when they need to assess which products or services they want to invest in.


If you want to market specific products from your range, you can use Google shopping. Google shopping is Google’s way of integrating products into online Ads, giving potential customers a detailed and transparent overview of what you are selling, even before they click on your ad. The benefits of Google shopping include that it generates more traffic to your website and that the ad type is more effective than plain text ads. At the same time, you can easily see how your specific products perform online compared to others.

Stand out

Google Ads is a tool that advertises your core competencies so that you can create growth in your business. If you are a small business that is in a market with many competitors, you can optimize your ads without spending a large budget like your competitors. Google Ads advertising takes into account the content and quality of your ads. This includes the quality of keywords, audiences, units and how the ad is optimized for the search engines. Therefore, your budget does not necessarily have the greatest impact on whether your ad will appear on the search engines as long as the quality of your ads is high.

Targeted advertising

With Google Ads, you can choose exactly who you want to target your ads to. Therefore you avoid spending money on creating awareness around your company or product to the wrong target audience. You can target local areas, services, areas of interest, etc. There are several ways to create audiences on the Google Ads platform, one is the generic method of inserting your audience. The second method is to use Google’s audience lists that google generates based on information we share with Google.

Quality Score

The way Google Ads works is through a quality score, which indicates the quality and relevance of your ad in relation to selected keywords that your customers are searching for. The formula therefore reads: 1 + Landing Page Experience Points + Ad Relevance Points + Click Through Rate Points. In addition, the ranking of the ad is measured through cost per click measured in relation to the bid you have placed on your ad. Your ad’s ranking on the search engine is also essential if you want to be seen ahead of your competitors. This is measured using cost per click multiplied by your maximum bid. Last but not least, the Quality Score also depends on the landing page and how optimized the front page of the web page works.


Execution - Results

Although keyword optimization is an important long-term investment, it takes a while from the time you start your SEO efforts until you see results. Here, Google Ads becomes a great alternative and supplement, as you can get top rankings from the moment you start your campaign. Google Ads is therefore of particular interest to you who need fast results. You can see your optimization score on Google Ads, where you will also find Google’s recommendations for optimizing your campaigns.

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