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The importance of social media in our daily life has grown at lightning speed

Create relations and social success

Almost 90% of all danish people are active on social media. This is where you relatively easy and quick can reach a bigger customer group and make you deserving of their attention, where they can be led to your website. We can help you find the right strategy and with creating a content plan that fits what your brand is – and more important content that your customers will use attention on and share in their network.



With ads you create the framework for who should see them. We can help you with creating the catchy and relevant ad for your business – with focus on graphic, content and target audience – so you can get the attention through social media.


With posts on your own platforms you can free of charge draw attention on your existence. You can for example use #hashtags on Instagram or make a “just share” post on Facebook. It is about creating posts where you use elements that catch the attention from your target audience so they can find you. 


Together we will figure out what your goals are in relation to your current social media approach. This we will do on a strategically, operational and tactical level, so we can offer you a strategy that you can incorporate in your forward advertising and achieve the best possible value for your business.


Competition is always important. On social media there are always new opportunities and changes that you need to relate to. Therefore it is relevant to see what others do and afterwards adapt your own strategy. In this way you will be the front runner and stand out from the rest.

Media selection

When you work with social media it is important to take a conscious choice in relation to which media you choose, and afterwards adapt your content to this. On each media there is an expectation from the users that you share in a way that they understand.



There are general recommendations for how you should structure and share content on social media. When we develop a strategy to you we adapt your content after your identity, competition, target audience and goal.

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