How to become a part of your customers decisions

With e-mail marketing you can among others send out
relevant information and personal offers to your customers.

Re-marketing is a tool to poke your customers,
that has already shown interest in your business, on the shoulder.

The third part of the customer journey

It is not always that your potential customers run into you at the moment where they need you. The best you can do is to continuously remind them that you are there for them. In this way, you will always be one of the first things they think of when they have a challenge that you can solve for them.

But it is like so much else a balancing act. A balancing act between too much and too little, where the golden middle way is called relevance. You must therefore continuously remind your customers that your business exists – without bombarding them. It is about being as relevant as possible and catch your customers at the right time with the right content. 

“Bad press is better than no press” – but to be remembered for something good is better than being remembered for something bad. If you want to be remembered by your customers you have to create a digital customer journey that will not only lead them to the end destination but will make them wanna ride again.

One of the first steps to be remembered is to have a user friendly website. When this is settled – and you have increased your traffic with a good SEO-strategy – you can use multiple tools to stay in your customers minds. Some of the important players are e-mail marketing and remarketing. By using these you can increase your leads and in the end your sales – and does not want that?

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