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How your customers finds you and your business

Your competitors are today less than a click away and the competition on the digital market is fiercer than ever. The direct way for your customers to find you is for you to continuously optimize your approach to the search engines. This is where you strengthen your position in the market – and at the end your revenue. Quite simply it is about that you need a high placement on the search engines. You can get a high placement with your organic and paid traffic – respectively SEO and Google Ads. But how do you do this?


Google assesses your website’s credibility based on several elements on the site – relevance, number of words, speed and so much more. The higher score Google gives you, the higher ranking you get on the search engines. To get a high score you have to create the right strategy for your business.

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Google Ads

Have you ever noticed the ads at the top of your Google searches? Or the display ads on some websites? Do you want to be placed here? Then you need to focus on Google Ads. Here it is about being relevant for your customers so that your are shown at the right place at the right time.

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When a store goes digital then the purpose is exactly the same as in a physical store – to get customers into the store and it would be great if it is the right one. Search engines are needed media which we consumers use to uncover our needs right now. We make sure that your online store has a strong appearance on the search engines so you can increase your business and create additional sales.



Relevance is one of the most important parameters that search engines assess your website by. We are specialized in thinking relevance all the way. From choosing your core competencies and your optimal target audience, to the last CTA (call to action) that your visitors typically meet on your contact page or webshop.  



All of our work at Online Advisor is based on data. We work with data both before, during and after a delivery. With data we can observe your customers buying patterns and apply them proactively in our efforts. We put an honor in converting all of the data to a language that you also can understand and use in relation to your business development. 



We find the words that best describe your core competencies where the demand is highest and the competition is at its lowest. As a customer at Online Advisor you will always be ensured qualitative and valid analysis of your market opportunities. We work with 360 degress use of keywords to ensure the biggest connection in all of your digital presence.

Together with you, we create the right strategy that, across relevant platforms and tools, creates the best results for you and your company. We emphasize a strategy that reflects your company, your products / services, your target group and the platform.
We help you be found!

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