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The customer journey

We will help your company to find its place in the digital world, so that you are found, seen and remembered for the very special thing you want to stand for.
We are passionate about close, loyal cooperation, long-term solutions and counseling based on transparent agreements and easy-to-understand communication… 

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Do you need your customers’ attention?

The competition is tough in the digital world and it can be very difficult to stand out. We can help you to be found so you can gain more traffic on your website through the right strategic approach.

be a part of their considerations?

When you have accomplished to get traffic onto your website, you must focus on giving a good impression so you maintain their attention.  An engaging and user friendly website is crucial so you can guide your customers in the right direction.

or in their decisions?

It is all about being remembered by your customers so your lead generation optimizes. For example email automation is a great tool for this. Together we find the right strategy for your company so it increases your sales in the end.

“From 0 to more than 5,000 targeted visitors per month via organic searches in Denmark alone in our online store speaks for itself. Online Advisor has simply helped us with significantly more customers in the business”

– Martin Andersen, Owner & Founder of AMLADCYKLER.

“To that extent, we have been satisfied with the collaboration with Online Advisor. I have been safe throughout, have felt heard and listened to - have got a sparring partner that I have been looking for a long time.”

– Rikke Borup, Marketing Manager CapaSystems.

”You are greeted as a human being by the team at Online Advisor and experience that they also invest in one”

- Eva Lilleør, Counselor and coach in stress and management.

“Online stands out in that you get particularly good service, thoroughness, and very pleasant personal contact.”

– Jeppe Birch, Director of Booking and Sales.

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