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With SEO, search engines open the doors to new leads

What is SEO?

First and foremost, SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimization”, which can be translated directly to “search engine optimization” in Danish. Search engine optimization is used to bring more relevant traffic to your website.

This means that when you perform a search on a search engine, such as Google, a lot of results appear. These results are controlled by the keywords used to perform the search. Based on the keywords, the search engine finds what is most relevant to your search. SEO is the tool that should ensure that your website ranks high on this results list. Overall, search engine optimization consists of three parts; On-page SEO, Technical SEO and Linkbuilding, which can be done separately, but the whole is more than the sum of the three parts, so you can rank high.

Search engines, such as Google and Bing, have one overall task – to provide you with relevant answers to your questions. To do this, your website is assessed on a wide range of factors, such as usability and content. In the following sections, we will dive further into this.

Why SEO?

The short and simple answer is that search engine optimization gives your website better rankings on the search engines, thus bringing more relevant traffic to your digital store.

The dream scenario for any business is to rank high on these search engines as it makes a marked difference whether you are ranked high or low. A study by shows how important it is to rank high on Google. The highest ranked takes up 32% of all searches, while the tenth place only gets 3%.

So it is of great importance if you have a desire for organic growth. Precisely organic growth is sweet music for many marketers, and SEO is the tool for you.


The Keyword Analysis

The cornerstone of any SEO work is keyword analysis. It is basically an analysis of the behavior of your potential customers when they use search engines such as. Google. It should show what words or phrases they use when they want to know more about or find a product like yours.

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SEO content

The first part of the trinity is what is called On-page SEO or SEO content. This is the part of search engine optimization that deals with the optimization of your website content. It includes the texts on your front page, your blog, etc.

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Technical SEO

Technical SEO is the second part of the SEO trinity, and deals with the technical of your website. Technical SEO can be explained as the optimization of the website’s skeleton, which is not directly seen by the user, but which is important for an optimal user experience.

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The last part of the trinity consists of link building, which, however, in itself consists of two parts, namely the internal and the external link building. Linkbuilding has two purposes; to contribute to the search engines’ mapping of the website, and to increase the page’s credibility.

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